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Valentines Day-printable link below

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Valentines day food for babies
Here are some fun and healthy Valentine's Day food ideas for babies:
  1. Mini heart-shaped pancakes 
  2. Red fruit kabobs with heart-shaped strawberries 
  3. Creamy mashed potatoes with a heart-shaped carrot on top 
  4. Yogurt parfait with heart-shaped raspberries 
  5. Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches cut into heart shapes 
  6. Heart-shaped veggie patties 
  7. Oatmeal with heart-shaped blueberries 
  8. Sweet potato fries with a heart-shaped dip
I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for creating a special Valentine's Day meal for your little one!
Valentines day activity for babies
A fun Valentine's Day activity for babies is to create some sensory play. You can use a shallow container and fill it up with red and pink items like pom-poms, foam hearts, or cotton balls. You can also add small objects like spoons or measuring cups for your baby to explore. This activity will help develop your baby's motor skills as they reach, grab and move items. You can also add some Valentine's Day themed music to make it even more fun!
Valentines day crafts for baby 
1. You can make a paper chain with hearts of different colors.
2. You can make a Valentine's Day card with handprints and footprints.
3. You can make a mobile with cut-out hearts and add some ribbons for a festive look.
4. You can make a Valentine's Day wreath with construction paper and glue.
5. You can make a Valentine's Day collage with pictures of your family and loved ones.
6. You can also make a heart-shaped frame with craft sticks and tissue paper.
I hope these ideas are helpful in creating an enjoyable and memorable Valentine's Day with your little one!
Valentines day for toddlers
Make a special Valentine's Day card together! You can use paper, paints, crayons, or whatever craft supplies you have at home.
1. Bake a special Valentine's Day treat. You could make heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes, or even a Valentine cake!
2. Have a Valentine's Day party! Invite some friends over, decorate the house, and have some fun Valentine's Day activities for the kids.
3. Go for a walk and look for things that are shaped like hearts.
4. Have your toddler point out the different shapes they see.
5. Read a special Valentine's Day book together. There are plenty of cute stories out there to choose from
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